Monday, June 23, 2008

Random Thoughts

First, I have to start by sharing that I just ate about a quarter of a cheesecake while I was getting caught up on everyone else's blogs- thanks a lot. I will try to post again soon with some fun pics, since I know Jodi only likes blogs with pics. They are coming... don't get your panties in a bunch. Secondly, it was so fun seeing everyone, except notably Nic, T, and fam... but it just reminds me how you should all move closer to me ;) since I know how much you all dream of being Utarded!!
And, I just have to say that Wicked was awesome!!! And here is an attempt at some random happiness- albeit short and sweet and not nearly a complete list...
-obviously, Cheesecake
-Chris, Isabelle, Abigail, Claire, and Zachary
-all my California family
-my awesome blank canvas house with endless possibility for projects (aka The Maloy Manor)
-my quilting craziness
-my laptop, so i can do this in bed
-my almost neverending supply of cute serveware, glassware, dinnerware, silverware
-my newly fenced and sodded yard
-lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
-the fact that all my laundry is done, and most of it is even put away
-that my kitchen is clean right now- sweet
-that I had cheesecake, chocolate souffle with chocolate custard, and buttermilk cupcakes with fresh strawberry frosting for dinner last night!!!!
-that the toilets are clean right now
- that my bff lives in my neighborhood
-that Chris thinks I'm cute even when I'm not
-that we still like to smooch 11 years later, and I'm still better at it, and I can still take his breath away, and catch him off guard
-that everyone is healthy, and happy, and learning, and growing, and all that stuff
-that I can watch TV, surf the internet, send e-mail, and play games on my new phone!!
-ice cream, ice cream, ice cream
-that even though I'm 30, I can still eat cheesecake and ice cream
-and my all time favorites- a good conversation, and good food- preferably together
-visiting home
-coming home
-when my kids are playing nicely and not fighting
-those rare sweet moments that are truly authentic and memorable
-when I remember what is really important and truly makes me happy!!