Thursday, November 5, 2009

Abigail's Baptism Day

Abigail Madelyn Maloy was baptized on October 31, 2009!

Uncle Sonny baptized and confirmed Abby, and helped make the day so special for her! Thanks Sonny!
Getting some love from Daddy... and Mom...
We had a little luncheon for Abby afterwards with our family, and adopted family too!
Kiddie Table ;)
Carma Heimuli, Kemari and Derek Nielson... and some of their kids...
Carl and Kristi Albright Family! Jacob, David, Becca, and Jessica
Jacob, Isabelle, Ivanna, Frank, Clarissa, and Matthew
Rex, Patty, Sonny and Chris
Cute Claire and Caitlyn!
Cousins and Friends!
Abby, just in case you ever wonder, so many people love and support you! And this is only a small portion of them, And for as many as are in this picture, you can probably easily double or triple that from just your family that wanted to be here but couldn't!

Beautiful little Abigail, what a special day for you!
Our cute kids!
Me and my munchkins... we forgot to take family pics while I was still dressed, we were lucky to remember and get these!? Oops!
Just, me and my Baby!

Abigail, I am so proud of you! What a beautiful little girl you are, on the inside and out!