Friday, September 26, 2008

Porn Pirate Gangsta Mafia Name

After visiting Nicole's latest post with how to get your very own rap name (You may now call me Luscious Heidi) I decided to share some alternative name options with you...

Click here-Porn Name
"Blondie Jammer"-Me
"Spanky Lottatang"- Chris

Click- Pirate Name
"Pirate Javier the Badly Burnt"- Chris
"Jolly Marie Smithe"- Me

Click-Mafia Name
"Legless Elisa Costa"- Me
"Jackie the Con"- Chris

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Party Party Party

So Chris says I need to find something worthwhile to do with my time... because I have crazy fun parties coming up! It all starts with Abigail's Artsy Fartsy 7th Birthday Bash on Friday (messy projects and lot's of bright Crayola colors). Then next week I'm in charge of project night for Enrichment (teaching the Witch wallhanging). The following Friday will be Claire's Pink Pampered Princess Party for her 5th birthday (complete with makeovers at the Royal Salon, thrones, and of course an all pink tea party). The following day is our big Super Saturday which I'm helping with (teaching scripture bags, and finishing witch hangings, and aprons, and whatever else). The Friday after that is Patty's and my Annual Halloween extravaganza- it's a Haunted "Hulaween" this year at the Spooky Island of Maloy! (get out your coconut bras and grass skirts) Then I'm going to need a break, so we leave for Park City the day after the Halloween party, for a week of partying with the family. Then I'm in charge of Abby's class Halloween party on Halloween (dry ice root beer floats, chocolate candy molds, etc.). Ok, that actually made me tired thinking about all that... BUT, I've got mad skills and they are all going to be fabulous! Watch for pictures and details in blogs to come... and hope that I survive!

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Do

I have been wanting and waiting to get my hair done for awhile now... the highlights had grown out to white trash status, and the ends were beyond scraggly (yes, that is a word!)... so finally the day has come! I got brave and tried a whole new color- Kallie (Hi, if you are stalking) did a great job and I love it- we did an allover chocolate color with caramel low lights for depth and definition- the cut is updated, versatile, cute and easy- all the things I like in a cut! Anyway, just thought I would share the new me!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slave Labor

I was going to do a great post about our busy and productive Saturday... but Chris beat me to it and I'm tired... so go read Chris' blog right now, go, it will give you a giggle (at my expense- but that's okay because I'm a good sport) ... why are you still here? Go...

Tic Tac

Zach scared us tonight... he went upstairs to play in his room, and the girls and I were watching Ransom of Red Chief ("there's never a mongolian horde around when you need one") and Chris was on his computer (only important if you know the layout of our house- because from each of those rooms, you have a good view of the bottom of the stairs). Suddenly, I see a pillow from Zach's room rolling down the stairs, then him running across our bridge back to his room- then another pillow down the stairs... so I'm waiting for what's next, but was very surprised and afraid when I see Zach now rolling down the stairs- yep, Zach, head over feet ROLLING down the stairs!... Since Chris and I both had a good view of him, we are both jumping and running from different directions to get him- The funny part about that was that as I'm jumping and running to get there, I'm waiting for the thud at the bottom- that I didn't hear, so, I'm assuming the two pillows that he initially threw down helped cushion his fall.

So Chris scoops him up and lays him on the couch so we can assess the damage- there are no bones sticking out, or anything gory- that's a good sign. Even though he was crying, it was more of a fear cry than a pain cry- so we assess that he was very lucky and that's he alright afterall. Chris pulls him up to hug him and calm him down- that's when I notice it, the spots of blood on the couch where his head was lying. So we check the back of him, and sure enough, he has a matted patch of blood... so in common Chris fashion, he starts freaking out and talking about stitches and emergency room visits. But before I get to the really weird part, I'll let you know that after we got the blood cleaned up (you know head wounds), it was only a small bump and hardly a scratch. Nothing a little Ibuprofen and some Ransom of Red Chief ("Fluffy!") won't cure. So- now that you know that he's not dying of a flesh wound--- back to the spot of blood on the couch. I didn't mention that right in the center of the blood was a bright green Tic Tac. The funny thing is, none of us has had any Tic Tacs lately... and for the life of me, I truly can't think of how that Tic Tac possibly got there. We would have seen it, if it was there before we layed Zach down... and oddly, it was right in the middle of the blood--- so Chris and I are taking care of Zach- but the girls are in deep discussion about the mysterious Tic Tac, and I have to admit I was wondering myself. So while Chris and I are cleaning him up, I could hear Claire asking Isabelle, "Did Zach break a green bone in his head??" That must be the answer... it's the only explanation! Have a good night!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Witch Is In!

For anyone who has seen my "old" Halloween wall hanging, it's great and everyone loves it- but, I had a new idea for one this year, and couldn't help but make it... so I designed a new quilt and made it up and I know a few of you have been anxiously waiting for the grand reveal, so here it is! (Maybe I can even get Mom to comment on this one) I think it turned out pretty great, and I think even Jodi the seamstress would have a hard time finding too much critique for itNaturally, it's a whole lot better in person, but you get the idea. I think it's adorable, and even Chris is trying to find some wall space to hang it (I have the perfect spot, but he needs some convincing... we'll see)
I love the embellishments that I added, eyelets and ribbon for the ties on the boots, hand stitching, buttons, thread painting, blanket stitching, beady!
Here you can see some of the stitching and detail... does this make you want to play with your machine more, Mom? The hand stitch turned out really cute with purple thread... Hee Hee!

Fall Decorating

So just in case anyone still doubted, yes, we actually do have a sofa (two in fact) I know it took ten+ years, but isn't it pretty... well, it's nice but it needed some color... so here is the before-And here is the after--- the pillows added the much needed pop of color, and even though I made them for fall, I love them so much, they might just be my new colors for that room...
Here are the pillows close up... and I've trained my kids well- they were ALL excited about them
And here is my mantlescape... it makes me smile! It's so fun having a big blank canvas of a house

My house is beggin' for fall decorations, since most of my main living area colors are fall related anyway... I got the bug to make it cute and add some color, and luckily for me Chris was on board too so last weekend- he actually went with me to Robert's and had fun picking out some garlands and stuff to spruce up our family room (I know, T, it's not Seeds when he's earning bonus points...) So, here are some pics of the results... There is more, but I didn't want to completely bore you- ta da, autumn has arrived at the Maloy house.

"I think he's turning Japanese, I really think so..."

Chris has been on a camera kick lately... Ever since he borrowed my new camera for ComicCon and found out how great it was and how fun and easy it is to use- he has been snapping random funny shots of mostly us... for anyone interested, I did my research when I got my camera, and I LURV it a lot! For anyone in the market- it's Canon PowerShot SD870 IS... love, love, love it! (and apparently Chris does too!)

Knifty Knitter

Isabelle won some money from the bake-off and earned some more from pulling weeds, and decided that with her hard earned cash she wanted to get a new artsy fartsy project- she ended up getting the Knifty Knitter rings from Roberts and has been knitting hats like an old lady ever since! She must be my daughter...

All Is Right With The World

When Kemari saw my blog and discovered that it wasn't all cute and creative, she was sure I had the flu, or had lost my mind, or that something definitely was not right in the world... so I've decided that since I'm cute and creative, my blog (at least background) should be too! So... here is the big unveiling of my autumn blog... what do you think?? Nicole, it is funny that your creative self has a simple blog but if you are interested, there is a link to the CUTE website that has the layouts for cute blogs... beware, you will find something cute and, I just reread that and I said "cute" way too many times... have a CUTE day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok, so you probably all saw it anyway... but if you want to check out a cool new show- check out Fringe (Fox)... weird, fringe science stuff plus intrigue and action and everything you would want from an entertaining drama. It was created by JJ Abrams (Alias, Lost, etc) Anyone see it? Want to share thoughts, opinions, criticism--- be my guest. Be warned though, if you haven't seen it, there are some gruesome body decaying scenes... so don't come back and blame me if that's not your thing. (It was easy for me to ignore, I was also hand stitching a Halloween wall hanging, which is turning out SO cute by the way).

Monday, September 8, 2008


Okay, most of you already know about this but just in case there is anyone who doesn't... I LOVE the show "Pushing Daisies"- the bummer is that I started watching last season on the internet and the powers that be decided to drive us all crazy by posting every episode EXCEPT the season premiere! Ughh!! I was waiting and watching and searching and could only find bad links to the elusive "pie-lette" only to have it die or stop every five seconds... so I've been patiently waiting (sometimes not so patiently) for over a year, and now FINALLY, with the new season getting ready to premiere, they FINALLY posted the series premiere! Yahoo... so for anyone that missed it like me, go to and select the "Pie-lette" episode! You won't be disappointed, I promise! Love it! I can guarantee, because I've been trying to get Chris to watch Pushing Daisies with me for that long... but he promised if I ever got the premiere, he would watch it with me, so a year later, he kept his promise and of course loved it, and now has to catch up on the rest of the first season- chalk that one up as an I told you so... Now, Go watch it!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Payson Onion Days

Every Labor day weekend, Payson holds it's annual Onion Days celebration... something to do with their onion crops during the depression?? maybe... anyway, our family tradition is to always go to the Carnival on friday night (family night), and we have a lot of fun... the girls were excited to be tall enough this year to go on some of the scary rides and it was Zach's first year to go one some rides too! Claire's favorite ride is the MerryGoRound and was SOOO excited that they had one (but I think my camera died before I got pics of her on it with Kate and Caitlyn, oops!) Some of the other festivities (that we took part in) was the Onion Days parade, we became part of a new tradition, our friends (and new Bishop) live on Main street on the parade route, so a bunch of us brought chairs and a potluck breakfast before the parade, fun. I have to say though, this year was the first year the parade was rained out (in at least 35 years- we even got hail) So as we all retreated to watch from the garage, it was almost more entertaining to watch the riders of the floats ducking under whatever they could, pieces of the floats, baskets, whatever. The funniest thing was the football team from our new local high school hovering together shivering and whining, yeah, they are tough! And of course we felt bad for the princess courts in their skimpy formals in the hail, and the barefoot Lavender days fairies! hahahahaha... entertaining. And of course, Chris, Isabelle, and I entered the Onion days bake-off--- for more on that, check out Chris' blog... all I have to say is we all came home with medals, and if you want something sweet- come visit me! What a fun weekend.

Claire's First Day of Preschool (again)

This was Claire's first day of preschool, and she was so excited because it was also the first day her best friend was coming with her! This is Kate (Kemari's daughter) and Claire's best friend, they play almost every day together and they are so excited to be in the same preschool class... and Claire was also very excited about this new outfit that she picked out in Park City... Cute!

Happy Birthday to Zach... from Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma Connie and Grandpa Mark sent up a present for Zach, I wish this was a video, because I swear it took him about a half hour to open it (which killed his sisters and his Dad, hilarious). He was ripping one inch squares of paper at a time, too funny. Then when he opened it, he was scared of the cute Lion hooded towel, so we were showing him how fun it was and I think I may have had even more fun with it then he did (initially)...
Thanks Mom and Dad! You always spoil us!

Zachary's 2nd Birthday!

Here is the table spread with hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips, watermelon, 8 layer salad, candy, and spider man cupcakes! Yum...The girls were always hovering a little too close... but he loves Spider-Man!
Oh, what is it? What is it? What is it?
Yeah, more toys for Mom to clean up... Spider-Man, Hulk, Tonka truck, Ratatouille, Tonka police car, and a Transformers Potato head... so much fun!
He's patiently waiting while Mom lights the candles in his cupcake... Happy birthday to Zach!

For Zach's 2nd birthday, we had a barbecue at the park with some of our friends and family. It was a lot of fun, of course, I made too much good food... but that is never a bad thing! Zach got spoiled rotten, and loved the Spider-Man tablecloth, cupcakes, wrapping paper, and new toy... "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a Spider can..." I can't believe my BABY is TWO!!

Chris Likes Nice Things

Nicole always says, "Heidi likes nice things." But the truth is that "Chris likes nice things." AND he's completely spoiled rotten. How do you tell the guy that works so hard to provide for his family that he can't have the new toy that he is obsessing about!!?? I think it started when he found some funny clips on YouTube called, "Will it blend?" (funny if you want to go look them up, I particularly like the Glow Sticks). He watched hours of some dry old guy blending CD's, iPhones, cans of pork n' beans, Wii games... you name it! Then he decided that he couldn't live without that blender... so when that same week, it was a promotional item at Costco (what are the chances?) he couldn't resist. He spent every lunch that week at Costco watching the demos and pestering the guy with questions and calling me every hour to see if he could get one. I finally caved and he came home with a brand new BlendTec blender! I told you he is spoiled (I could do a whole blog on why that is true in so many ways). So he came home with pounds of fruit from Costco for Smoothies, and I stocked up on pounds of fruit so he could play with his new toy and we have been in Smoothie heaven ever since. You might be wondering why I was hesitant for him to buy a blender (afterall, I'm the cook, and I LOVE kitchen gadgets!) I knew I would love using the blender (and I do, it's awesome!) but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money on the blender, I'm not going to say how much it cost, but let's say it surprises everyone who asks! But now that we have it and use it and love it and play with it--- it IS awesome, and whips up anything like you can't believe! x Oh, and then if our original fruit binge wasn't enough, I bought a huge box of fresh peaches from our local Orchard and went and picked 12 lbs of fresh raspberries! YUMMY! So if you want a Smoothie, come visit me, we even have choices for flavors... so far, Peach Banana and Mango Lassies are my favorite.

First Day of School

First day of School-- new clothes, new shoes, new books, new crayons, yeah... we love back to school!! Isabelle's in third grade now... Abby's in first... and Claire has another year in preschool. Abby cracked us up after the first day of school, she came home and plopped on the couch. One of her friends knocked on the door to ask if she could play, and she said no, and plopped back on the couch. That wasn't normal so I went to talk to her, and she said, "It was a long day, I'm tired!" Yeah, finally something that will wear out even Abby! (And Mom gets a few hours to get more done... Yahoo!) But they love their teachers and have new friends... all is well!