Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just some cute pics...

What a handsome little man!

Chris Maloy- Mr. Mason

These pictures are from the night Chris "became a real man" as he says- also known as joining the fraternal brotherhood of Masonry--- but the only real thing I care about is that he actually looked nice and I got him to wear something other than white socks- now, that is progress!!

Abby's Graduation

These are from Abby's Kindergarten graduation- they went all out, as you can see full caps and gowns. The program was fabulous, Abby's teacher, Mrs. Toelupe is amazing, and of course, Abby looked adorable! And the best part is that she will be a first grader next year- full day!! Yahoo!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Landscaping - Double Edge Sword

Here's the backyard with the patio, but before the other work.

Here's the trenches, which our landscaper swears it took an act of congress to dig. Why we pay him the big bucks, I wasn't about to dig trenches with those rocks... keep digging men.

Here is the edge of our beautiful patio with our nice big Red Sunset Maple-
For anyone that has done landscaping- the reason it's a two edged sword is that we are very excited to get it in, but it is either a whole lot of work, or a whole lot of money- or in our case a little of both- and a whole lot of waiting too... especially now that we have our grand master plan and have to wait to finish it- it's going to kill me to wait for plants. Now if it would just stop raining so we can finish what we are doing for now...

Dad's Art Gallery

This one is particularly special to me because I didn't steal it from his or any other collection- Dad painted this one especially for me and gave it to us as a housewarming for our last house! (Dad, we have a lot of wall space in our new house- hint hint!- Oh and while I'm at it- your next temple should be the Los Angeles, a few of us have ties to that temple ;))

These are a set of three oil paintings that were given to me as a wedding gift from Donna Cullen-
they hung in her house for years, but she was moving and din't have room for them and figured I would appreciate them more anyway- she was right. I like to say that I have some of Dad's early originals.

This is an oil painting on canvas that Mom and Dad saved for me from my grandmother's house- it is currently searching for a home in my new house. I know I'm last, but better late then never- if you don't think I have a valid excuse- read my previous blog! And by the way, Dad, you are the best, love ya, and looking forward to seeing you soon-

Holy Slackerness

As Jodi says, "Holy Slackerness"- better late than never. The short version is that our neighbor ran over our internet line with a lawnmower and we were without modern conveniences for about a week. The other excuse is that- I'M BUSY!! This last week, we have been landscaping our yard, Claire graduated from preschool for the first time, Abigail graduated from Kindergarten, Isabelle had poetry night and started softball, next week Abby starts T-Ball (of which I am her coach), Zach pooped in the potty for the first time, Abby, Claire, and Zach have been taking turns being sick, I taught 15 piano lessons, finished one baby quilt and started one more, had a Grey's Anatomy marathon with Chris, stayed up until 4:30 am with Tandi and company, cleaned my house more than once, and still did all the normal Mommy, wifey, homemaker duties- and you wonder why I haven't blogged??? Whew.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


For those of you anxiously waiting for my next pearls of wisdom, they are coming, I promise, I'm just a blogging slacker. Chris is gone and I'm busy ruling the roost by myself, well, and throwing a few small parties. And you will all be proud- we have another new sofa- I know- I actually have places for people to sit when they visit, whatever will I do??? More to come... with pics for Jod too. Love ya- Heidi