Friday, August 28, 2009

Claire Starts Kindergarten!

Wednesday was Claire's first day of Kindergarten! She has been ready and waiting for about two years now... she was so excited! She got the same fabulous teacher that Abby had, so she could hardly wait.
My little girl is growing up so fast! Zachary LOVES his big sister, he can't wait for her to get home everyday to play now. He looks up to her too!
She bought this dress herself and it looked really cute with her little black boots too!Bye Claire, she had a great first day at school, big girl!! She'll do great, she's not just a pretty face you know, she's so smart, and she actually knows how to listen and learns quickly! Have fun Claire!


Connie H said...

Claire, you are much more than a pretty face. I hope that you were nicer to your mom when she dropped you off than she was to me her first day of Kindergarten.

patty maloy said...

How Cute... I was wondering how her first day went! I'm sure she will be the head of her class. Caitlyn is so ready to start kindergarten but one more year of preschool is ahead of her... and they must be related because we just bought new shoes for Caitlyn and she choose a pair of sassy black boots.

Heidi Maloy said...

Mom, Apparently, I don't remember that story, but Claire was cute, she wanted me to walk her in (which is more than I can say for Abby on her first day) but she was fine to go... and she was only mad at me this morning when I wouldn't let her go to school because she was up with the flu last night.

Christopher Maloy said...

Selective memory Heidi? ;)

Yeah Claire and Caitlyn are two peas of the same pod.

This was a sad post for me to read. My kids are all getting older and more independent. My older girls started asking me if it is OK to like a boy as long as they don't kiss him. They also asked me what uncle Sonny would do to the boy if he found out. haha.

Happy first day of school my beautiful girl Claire. You are definitely more than a pretty face to me.

I know you old fogies out there have no sympathy for me, so I won't ask for any.

Kathryn said...

She looks so cute and excited! Glad she loves it.